Who's Media Training These Guys?

Another day, another "negative repeat" from a Presidential candidate. Today it's John McCain on "The View":
Joy Behar brought up two of his recent ads against Mr. Obama... "We know those two ads are untrue, they're lies," she said, and yet at the end of each, Mr. McCain's voice says he approves of those messages.
"They are not lies," Mr. McCain said.

Correct answer [if that's what you want to communicate]: "Those ads are true/factual/correct/etc."

Seriously -- listening to these two amateurs is making me long for the days of laser-focused Bill Clinton or even simple-but-on-message G.W. Bush.
Look, I've got some time on my schedule between now and election day. It's not too late. Call me and I'll get them media trained in a hurry. I'll even take a crack at Biden for free.