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Who's Hollywood's Wildest Wild Child?

Who's Hollywood's Wildest Wild Child?

Britney, Lindsay, Paris & Nicole Compared!

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the nuttiest wild child of them all?

It's hard to decide between Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie when it comes to determining who has displayed the craziest behavior, or who has been the bigger fodder for the tabloids.

The ShowBuzz takes a look at how the four young Hollywood celebrities stack up side-by-side.

Britney Spears

The pop star titled her reality show "Chaotic" and that pretty much sums up her life over the past few years. Here are the details:

Quickie Marriage: Britney married a childhood friend, Jason Allen Alexander on Jan. 3, 2004, and then had the wedding annulled 55 hours later.

Hookups from Hell: Kevin Federline.

DUI arrest: No.

Rehab: Yes.

Jail: No.

Reckless behavior: Yes. Britney was caught on tape driving while holding her baby in her lap, rather than putting him in a car seat. Plus, walking into gas station bathrooms barefoot isn't just reckless, it's downright gross!

Exposed herself in public: Yes. The paparazzi caught the pop star sans panties on more than one occasion.

Painfully thin: No.

Collapsed from exhaustion: No. It was rumored that she collapsed at a nightclub New Year's Eve, but her manager at the time, Larry Rudolph, insisted she was just tired and left the party to get some sleep.

Spewed racist comments: No.

Public meltdown: Yes. Shaving one's head at a tattoo parlor before landing in rehab is a meltdown.

Trouble on the set: No.

Dysfunctional family: Yes. Britney stated publicly this year that she never had a good relationship with her father. There's also buzz that she and her mother have been on the outs recently.

Man stealing: Yes. Just ask actress Shar Jackson, Kevin Federline's ex, who was several months pregnant with his child when he left her for Spears.

Bad career move: Yes. Britney's acting debut in "Crossroads" prompted the New York Post to say it was "so mind-numbingly awful that you hope Britney won't do it again."

Sex tape: No. Britney tried to sue Us Weekly about a story they printed regarding a tape she allegedly made with K-Fed, but the video never surfaced. The judge dismissed the case saying the story wasn't defamatory because in her music videos Britney "put her modern sexuality squarely, and profitably, before the public eye."

Accident prone: Yes. Britney canceled her Onyx Hotel tour after injuring her knee while filming a music video.

(Photo: AP Photo/Mark J. Terrill)

Lindsay Lohan
Although Lindsay has received good reviews for her acting, it's her troubled personal life that makes headlines.

Quickie marriage: No.

Hookups from Hell: No. For the most part, Lindsay has dated men with careers of their own like Wilmer Valderrama and Jared Leto.

DUI arrest: Yes. Was arrested under suspicion of driving under the influence in May.

Rehab: Yes. She has even extended her stay at the rehab facility she's at now.>

Jail: No.

Reckless behavior: Goofing around with kitchen knives for a series of photos with celebrity gal pal Vanessa Minillo.

Exposed herself in public: Yes, stepping out of a boat in Venice. On a breezy day, unfortunately.

Painfully thin: Yes.

Collapsed from exhaustion: Yes, and was hospitalized.

Spewed racist comments: No.

Public meltdown: Yes. The Star reported in May that Lindsay threw a tantrum at the Soho Grand hotel in New York.

Trouble on the set: Last summer, the producer of "Georgia Rule" fired off a letter to Lindsay and her reps complaining about her failure to show up to the L.A. set of the movie.

Dysfunctional family: Lindsay's father has had problems with substance abuse and served almost two years in jail on charges of assault and aggravated unlicensed operation of a vehicle. He is locked in a custody battle with Lindsay's mom over visitation rights to their younger children.

Man stealing: Although Lindsay's been accused of stealing boyfriends, she told Elle magazine that she would "never steal anyone's boyfriend. It's bad karma, and I'm a big believer in karma."

Bad career moves: No. Lohan gets consistently good reviews for her acting, even in movies that haven't done well at the box office or with critics. Her first album went platinum, but her second album didn't fare quite as well. She says she's planning to record a third disc this summer.

Sex tape: No.

Accident prone: Yes. Lindsay fractured her foot coming out of the shower last year and a few months later fractured her wrist in two places after falling down at a fashion week party.


Paris Hilton

Paris told CNN's Larry King in her first post-jail interview that she's changed — only time will tell if she'll be back to some of the antics below.

Quickie Marriage: No, but she was engaged for a time to Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis.

Hookups From Hell: Yes. Paris is said to have dated "Girls Gone Wild" founder Joe Francis, who spoke in glowing terms about Paris' boudoir skills on Howard Stern's radio program. Then there's her ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon who sold the famous sex tape he made with her under the title "One Night in Paris."

DUI arrest: Yes.

Rehab: No.

Jail: Yes. The saga of Paris' trip to the big house caused a media frenzy.

Reckless behavior: Yes. Twice driving with a suspended license while on probation landed her in jail.

Exposed herself in public: Yes.

Painfully thin: No.

Collapsed from exhaustion: No.

Spewed racist comments: Yes. Paris has been videotaped on more than one occasion making racist comments with liberal use of the "N" word.

Public meltdown: No. Paris was hysterical in court when it was announced she'd be returning to jail after the sheriff had transferred her to house arrest, but that's understandable. Paris later told Barbara Walters that she was upset because they wouldn't let her hug her mother before leaving the courtroom which is why she screamed out "mommy."

Trouble on the set: No.

Dysfunctional family: No. Although her mother Kathy seems to want to have her own shot at stardom, her parents are still together and her siblings seem remarkably well-adjusted.

Man stealing: Yes. Paris was accused of stealing Stavros Niarchos from Mary-Kate Olsen. Niarchos began dating Paris soon after he broke up with Olsen. W magazine asked Olsen what caused the break-up she replied, "I think we can all guess."

Bad career moves: Yes. She's has a hit reality show, a New York Times best-selling book, a fragrance line and various other successful business ventures. But, her self-titled debut album hasn't fared well in sales or with critics and her role in the movie "House Of Wax" won her a worst actress Golden Raspberry award in 2005.

Sex tape: Yes. But for Paris, the tape turned out to be a promotional bonanza because it leaked to the Internet one week before the premiere of "The Simple Life." It also earned three Adult Video News awards.

Accident prone: Yes. Paris loves exotic pets — even if they're illegal — like her pet kinkajou Baby Luv who bit her while they were playing.

(Photo: GETTY IMAGES/Frederick M. Brown)

Nicole Richie

Even though Nicole Richie has battled substance abuse and faces a possible jail sentence, she seems relatively tame when compared to Britney, Lindsay and Paris.

Quickie marriage: No. She was engaged to DJ A.M. for almost all of 2005, but called it off in December.

Hookups from Hell: No.

DUI arrest: Yes.

Rehab: Yes.

Jail: No, but she is facing charges for the DUI arrest that could land her in jail.

Reckless behavior: Yes. Police arrested Nicole on suspicion of driving under the influence after they received 911 calls saying a car matching her description was driving the wrong way on the freeway. She told cops that she had taken Vicodin and marijuana.

Exposed herself in public: No.

Painfully thin: Yes.

Collapsed from exhaustion: Yes. Nicole collapsed on the set of "The Simple Life" in March and was briefly hospitalized for dehydration. Her publicist later said that Nicole suffers from hypoglycemia.

Spewed racist comments: No.

Public meltdown: No.

Trouble on the set: No.

Dysfunctional family: No.

Man stealing: No.

Bad career moves: No.

Sex tape: No.

Accident prone: No.

(Photo: GETTY IMAGES/Michael Buckner)

Comparison Chart

Wild ChildBritneyLindsayParisNicole
Quickie MarriageYesNoNoNo
Hookups from HellYesNoYesNo
DUI arrestNoYesYesYes
Reckless behaviorYesYesYesYes
Exposed herself in publicYesYesYesNo
Painfully thinNoYesNoYes
Collapsed from exhaustionNoYesNoYes
Spewed racist commentsNoNoYesNo
Public meltdownYesYesNoNo
Trouble on the setNoYesNoNo
Dysfunctional familyYesYesNoNo
Man stealingYesNoYesNo
Bad career movesYesNoYesNo
Sex TapeNoNoYesNo
Accident proneYesYesYesNo
The Results1010105

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