Whoopi Slams Kate Gosselin Over Custody: "You Could Have Gone to Jail!"

(AP Photo/TLC, Mark Arbeit)
Photo: The Gosselins in happier times.

NEW YORK (CBS) "You could have gone to jail!"

Those were the words of Whoopi Goldberg to Kate Gosselin on "The View" last week, when the two were discussing a recent custody fight that ended with police being called.

In mid August, Gosselin made an unannounced visit during her husband Jon's court-allotted time with the children. She said she was upset about her husband's choice of babysitters. The resulting argument led to the cops being called.

When Gosselin cohosted "The View" last week on ABC, she was forced to deal with Goldberg's tough line of questioning about the incident.

"When you go in to a custody thing with someone you have your specific time… and you're not supposed to walk on [that]," Goldberg said. "And I'm sorry that's the law."

"I've learned my lesson and I have learned that it was not a good thing" Gosselin responded, "I realized that I was wrong and it was his custody and will I do it again? No, but it doesn't answer to me, like, a babysitter I've never met or approved of. And that bothers me."

In a video interview posted on, Jon Gosselin said Kate Gosselin called the police after he refused to let her in the house during his time with their children. "She tried to come home yesterday and I wouldn't let her in the gate. And I guess she called police," he said.

At the time Jon Gosselin said Kate Gosselin "didn't agree with my babysitting."

Soon after the altercation, Kate Gosselin left the property and checked into a local Days Inn Hotel.

What do you think? Could Kate have gone to jail or was Whoopie treating her too harshly?