Who Killed Robert Adair?

A Tangled Case Of Infidelity - And Murder

In 1996, Michael and Mindy Shapiro went through a bitter, acrimonious divorce, involving infidelity, jealousy and revenge.

But the Shapiros' divorce went beyond normal nastiness: It included accusations of murder, reports 48 Hours Correspondent Bill Lagattuta.

In 1995, Dr. Shapiro began having an affair with one of his patients, Jean Adair, a married woman. Soon after, his wife discovered the affair. The next year, someone brutally murdered Adair's husband, Robert.

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A Bitter Divorce, Then Murder: Someone smashed Robert Adair's head in with a baseball bat. Was it his wife, Jean? Or did Mindy Shapiro have something to do with the crime?

A Real-Life Film Noir: After two years, police charged Jean Adair with murdering her husband. But prosecutors will have a hard time proving their case; Mindy Shapiro gives the defense a powerful weapon.

The Jury Makes A Decision: After three weeks, both sides rest. The jury deliberates. Will they find Jean Adair guilty?

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