Who Is Will Smith's Crush?

In the new film "Bad Boys II", Will Smith re-teams with Martin Lawrence. It's been almost a decade since the first film, so Smith did have one major concern.

"The chemistry was great eight years ago, and I was concerned would it still be there," he said. "And just the second we got together, the magic was perfect. We're both more mature."

They may be more mature, but Lawrence has seen his less mature days play out in the press. Smith says it's an occupational hazard and a scenario he can relate to.

"Everybody has a different experience in dealing with the press, dealing with people being in their business, dealing with people jumping over their fence taking pictures," he said. "It can be very irritating sometimes. And for me, fortunately, I had, you know, a bunch of years in the music business where I was able to make all of my mistakes under the radar. So by the time I got into television and film, I had grown.

"I was already 10 years in the business by the time 'Independence Day' came out," Smith recalled. "So, I was much more seasoned at the point that I had that amount of success. It's like they're just amazed that at 21 years old … to be able to have that level of success and that level of scrutiny and still be alive."

And, some would argue, he has handled success even better today. The viewing public no longer views Will Smith as the geeky, tall class clown In fact, he is currently one of Hollywood's sex symbols.

"I feel very sexy about myself right now," he laughed. "No, I'm just in the best physical condition of my life. And I always measure my sexiness by my wife. She's very pleased at the moment. So that makes me feel sexy about myself."

Smith's wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, is also in good shape. Her film, "The Matrix: Reloaded," required her to be in peak physical condition.

"When two people are in really great condition, what's the sex like," Smith asked amusingly. "Oh, fantastic.… Definitely, because you know it's confidence. And feeling sexy and sexuality is about confidence."

The Hollywood couple have agreed that each is allowed to have innocent celebrity crushes. A year ago, Smith said he had a celebrity crush on singer Beyonce, and his wife had a crush on rapper Jay Z.

Currently, Smith's celebrity crush is his wife.

And would Jada Pinkett say Smith is her celebrity crush?

"She feels like he's too arrogant," joked Smith.

The Smiths are known as one of Hollywood's power couples. They have a strong marriage, children and successful careers.

Smith said they set their priorities early.

"There's only a certain amount of stuff that you can do," he said. "We're human. So you're not going to be able to do everything in the course of a day that you want to do. So as long as you make sure that you do the first things first, then everything will be straight."

Smith said his wife, family and job are his priorities.

"If you don't have enough to do the rest, then you can't do it," he said.

"Bad Boys II" opens in theaters Friday, July 18, 2003.