Who Is Next To Go?

Nicolas Cage claps his hands at the Shimo la Tewa GK Prison, Mombasa, Kenya, Tuesday Nov, 17, 2009. The Hollywood actor visited the prison which is undergoing a major face-lift funded by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC).
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Once again, The Early Show viewers wanted Robert, the Austrian fitness model, eliminated and again he wasn't. It was instead Renda's turn. On Tuesday, Sept. 9. The final four are: Dominic, Evan, Hank and Robert. Who will be the next to go? Tell us. Take our Early Show poll.

Now that Renda is out of Lisa's life, he joins Joe, Rob, Scott, Paul and Ken and you might get a chance to date them. Visit the Cupid Web site to get a Match.com entry for dates with the castoff bachelor each week.

Also, you can tell us who you think will be the next guy to leave "Cupid" by casting a vote from 9 a.m. ET, Sept. 10 through 9 p.m. ET Sept. 16, before the show airs. (Remember: it is not official voting for "Cupid.") Results will be announced on The Early Show the following morning.

Voting in The Early Show "Cupid" poll will continue weekly in the same pattern until all but one bachelor is left.

If you are an AT&T Wireless customer, text message your poll answer to the number 9260.

The names of the bachelors have a letter assigned to them as follows:
Note: Click on the name to find out more about each bachelor

If you have never done this before, here is how to Text Vote:
  • First go to the message screen on your AT&T Wireless phone
  • Type the letter corresponding with your choice (such as a) using your phone keypad
  • Select Options, then Send
  • When prompted for the phone number, enter: 9260
  • Select Send again

Standard text messaging rates apply.