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White House Keeping NYC Flyover Pics Under Wraps

(AP Photo/Jason McLane)
If a 747 and supersonic jet fighter buzz the Manhattan skyline as part of an ill-conceived photo-op, but the pictures are never seen, did it really happen?

The White House hopes not.

The photos of Air Force One's low flyover of Manhattan will not be released, CBS News White House correspondent Mark Knoller confirms.

The operation, carried out by the Defense Department and designed to capture one of the president's planes near national landmarks like the Statue of Liberty, sent panicked New Yorkers rushing from their office buildings April 27, fearful of a terrorist attack reminiscent of 9/11.

But now the photo-op will apparently yield no photos. The New York Post first reported the White House's plans to keep the pictures under wraps, citing an unnamed administration official as saying "we have no plans to release them."

The operation, which included an accompanying Air Force jet fighter, cost $328,000.

Mr. Obama was reportedly furious over the incident and ordered an internal review.