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Which Superstar Athlete Should Play Pro Golf?

Jerry Rice dominated NFL cornerbacks, but can he do the same to pro golf fairways?

Jerry Rice announced today that he will try and turn the athletic talent that made him a Hall of Fame wide receiver in the NFL into a gifted golfer.

Rice will join the Nationwide Tour and play in the Fresh Express Classic at Stonebrae, Calif. Thursday.

Of course, Rice is far from the only superstar athlete in one sport to take a stab at golf, though he is among a few who actually have decided to try and play golf professionally. Rick Rhoden, a former standout pitcher for the Pirates and Yankees, joined the senior tour after retiring from baseball and has enjoyed a decent career as a golfer.

While the Masters certainly had its share of drama, one can only imagine the fun viewers could have if more athletes were as colorful as the clothes worn on the course.

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Tiger Woods cursing himself was cute, but what if it was Charles Barkley slicing a tee shot into a forest? Think Roger Clemens might launch his 5-iron at a spectator after a poor fairway shot? Put him on the Tour and let's find out. And who wouldn't want to see Michael Jordan sink a 30-foot putt with his tongue out -- lord knows it would be better than watching him destroy his NBA legacy as a mediocre front office man.

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