What's So Good About You?

Now, before you start reciting the blurb on your homepage about benefits, deliverables and all that customer-focused stuff, I suggest you take a different approach.

Imagine an ABC researcher is talking to people around you, because you're being considered as the subject for a profile on Australian Story (Channel 2, Monday nights, check your local guide for details).

Bear in mind that such documentaries are interested in what you do over and above what is expected of you.

It's less about measurable results and more about experiential impact.

For our businesses to grow we need to create a genuine reason for others to talk about us.

The good feeling created by a small, sincere action can do much more than a set of Hollywood teeth and a firm handshake.

Your assignment for next week is to appoint yourself as an inner-researcher, and keep a note of your observations.

Maybe see you on telly soon?