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What's America's "National Character"?

Who would you like to trade places with - George Clooney, President Barack Obama, Tom Brady or Bruce Springsteen?

Find out what many people think when "60 Minutes" and Vanity Fair magazine team up to feature the results of provocative monthly poll questions like this one.

The results will appear in Vanity Fair magazine, but you can find out the results before they're published on "The Early Show."

You can "60 Minutes" here.

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The poll series will be featured on "The Early Show" Monday as CBS News correspondent Cali Carlin and Michael Hogan, executive online editor of Vanity Fair, discuss the results.

Other upcoming questions include, "If Walmart offered health care, would you become a Walmart patient?" and "What is the hardest thing to cut back on during the recession: dining out, vacation, clothes, alcohol or none of the above?"

For more with "60 Minutes" and to cast your vote on the poll's questions, click here.
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