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Whatever Happened To Her?

It's an image that burned the horror of the Vietnam War into our minds: a young girl, running down a road naked and horribly burned by napalm from a South Vietnamese warplane.

That little girl, now a happily married woman named Kim Phuc living in London, told CBS News Correspondent Tom Fenton that living with that image in the more than 30 years that have passed since that day has not been easy.

"Everytime I see that picture it seems to me that it happened yesterday," Phuc (pronounced fook) said.

"I saw four bombs and suddenly the fire [was] everywhere around me. I know that I got wounded because my clothes just burned off my body. I was so scared and then I just run out of the fire," she said.

Phuc's biography has just been published, and in it she says that she believes the suffering she endured gave a meaning to her life.

"I was a victim of war, I was a victim of many things," Phuc said. "I have a victory now because I learned how to forgive."

The harrowing picture is something that she treasures now.

"My picture is a powerful gift to me. I can use that picture to talk with people, let them know that is the real war," she said.

Now head of the Kim Foundation, which helps children who are victims of war, she said she has found both a purpose and the joy of a life she never dared hope for.

Before, she never thought anyone would find her attractive, but today she has a husband. Before, she never thought she would have children, but today she has two lovely babies.

"It's beautiful," she said.

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