What undecided young voters thought of the DNC and RNC

Millennial voters on 2016 election
Millennial voters on 2016 election 02:40

PHILADELPHIA -- The United States has never seen an election quite like this one, and for many young voters it's their first election. CBS News wondered what they're thinking.

DeMarco Morgan talked to three Pennsylvania college students -- Erin Duffy, Breeon Buchanan and Tyra Woods -- all undecided voters.

Erin Duffy, Breeon Buchanan and Tyra Woods speak with CBS New's DeMarco Morgan. CBS News

WOODS: It's a tough situation because we're new voters, and we want to make the right decision for our future.

DUFFY: It's kind of like you kind of don't know who to vote for. A lot of my friends feel the same way. There's really no good candidate.

BUCHANAN: This is our first time voting. What we've seen so far has kind of been like a spectacle -- we don't know what to choose.

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DUFFY: I'm looking for someone who is actually going to make change in our country even if it's the smallest thing.

MORGAN: What about the conventions, I'm sure you were paying attention to the Republican convention in Cleveland.

DUFFY: [Trump] was the only one that actually addressed that we are in a crisis and I think that was very brave of him. But in a sense I don't think he's handling it the right way. I think he's being his aggressive self.

WOODS: I don't want to be afraid, cause that's how I feel whenever Donald Trump is speaking. I'm afraid of if he were to get into office ... what would the next four years be about? Based off of what's happening in the news, even with this election it's a representation of, 'Is America really great?'

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DUFFY: We were the melting pot at one point, we need to go back to that and we need to be a little more sensitive about different cultures and different ways of life. It's like in America we take ten steps forward and two steps back. Where is the change going to come in?

BUCHANAN: What are we doing to actually fix it? What will they do by November that's going to motivate millennials to vote, to get them ready and excited, what's going to push us? Because right now, there's a lot of indifference.

WOODS: If you don't vote don't complain when you don't like something that's happening, cause you didn't vote.

A recent CBS News poll conducted after the GOP convention found seven percent of voters nationwide are currently undecided. One in five is still persuadable.