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What Enfatico's Boone Brings to His New Job at Google

Torrence Boone, former CEO of Enfatico, is off to Google (GOOG) to be its "managing director for agency development in North America." As George Parker put it: "Miracles do happen. The biggest fiasco of all time, and he ends up at Google ... Sergey and Brin must have been arguing over who gets the biggest hammock on the 777. You can't make this shit up."

Undoubtedly, Boone's first action will be to fire all Google's existing agencies and replace them with a brand new one, built from scratch, by WPP (WPPGY). Or perhaps not.

Staff at Google may be asking, What skills does Boone bring to Google? Based in his history at Enfatico, I offer the following as a primer for Boone's new colleagues:

Confidence: As Boone strides around the office in his collection of open-necked shirts he will exude total confidence that everything is going to be OK. Nothing at all is going wrong. Everything is going right. And whatever you're working on is a fantastic idea that can't possibly fail. Believe in yourselves, Googlers!

Public relations: Boone has loads of experience in supervising PR staff as they insist that nothing is wrong, even when everyone else says that it is. One example: His PR person at Enfatico insisted that Enfatico was not dead last April when, in fact, it obviously was.

Pitching new business: Boone has extensive experience pitching new ad accounts. (Slightly less experience in winning them, however.)

Blogging: Who could forget, Enfatico's awesome blog about advertising? (Er WPP, apparently. It's been wiped from the face of the internet.)

Managing up: Boone is a master at managing his managers. Notice that WPP CEO Martin Sorrell didn't say that Enfatico "went wrong" when Boone was in charge. (He merely agreed with the statement.)

Handling freelancers: He'll save Google money on that left, right and center.

Layoffs: He handled a lot of them.