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What do Donald Trump's first 100 days in office look like?

GOP vs. Obamacare
Trump, GOP leaders unite against Obamacare 03:50

President-elect Donald Trump has a lot on his agenda for his first 100 days in office.

In late October, Trump’s team released the then-candidate’s “Contract with the American Voter,” an outline that separates Trump’s executive agenda into three areas: tackling corruption in Washington, D.C., bringing jobs to American workers, and restoring “security and the constitutional rule of law.”

This “contract,” an encapsulation of Trump’s major promises throughout the campaign trail, means that Trump’s very first day in office will be a flurry of activity to roll back much of his predecessor’s agenda.

Here’s a look at the major planks in Trump’s “contract”:

  • Trump plans to “Drain the Swamp” -- his catchphrase declaring war on the Washington establishment -- which includes instituting term limits for members of Congress, enacting hiring freezes of federal employees, and restricting White House and Congressional officials from becoming lobbyists.

  • To “protect American workers,” Trump would renegotiate or withdraw from NAFTA, pull out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership, label China as a “currency manipulator,” direct the executive branch to “identify all foreign trading abuses,” lift restrictions on fossil fuels, allow the Keystone Pipeline, and remove the U.S. from climate change agreements.

  • On national security and the “constitutional rule of law,” Trump’s plans focus broadly on canceling every executive action taken by President Obama, including immigration, and he’ll also focus on the Supreme Court. Trump would cut off federal funding for “sanctuary cities,” deport criminal illegal aliens, and institute a ban on immigrant from “terror-prone regions” of the world.

Trump also laid out a legislative agenda for Congress, chock full of promises that he could theoretically fulfill within his first 100 days, given the Republican control of both chambers of Congress. (Some, on the other hand, could prove incredibly difficult to deliver on.)  

Here’s a breakdown of what he would tackle: 

  • Enact middle-class tax cuts
  • Institute tariffs on companies offshoring jobs
  • Eliminate Common Core education standards
  • Repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act
  • Enact his proposals on childcare
  • Tackle illegal immigration by building a wall and jailing undocumented immigrants
  • Beef up federal law enforcement agencies and reduce crime, drugs and violence
  • Support the military and eliminate the defense sequester
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