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What are the chances Michelle Obama will run for president?

President Obama was asked Thursday whether the first lady would ever consider launching a White House bid.
What are the chances Michelle Obama will run for president? 02:28

President Obama on Thursday poured cold water on the prospect of first lady Michelle Obama running for president in the future.

At an event at a high school in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, an audience member asked the president since he can't run for another term, can voters convince his wife to launch a White House bid.

"No, no," Mr. Obama said. "No, no,, no."

"Let me tell ya, there are three things that are certain in life: death, taxes and Michelle is not running for president. That, I can tell you," he said.

The president said he "cannot be prouder" of the first lady for her work regarding reducing childhood obesity and helping military families. He predicted she'll be "really active" after leaving the White House.

She'll be a "very young ex-first lady," said Mr. Obama, who then said they found their old video from their wedding in 1992.

"I looked like a teenager and realized, well, I sure have aged," the president joked. "Michelle looked identical" to the way she looks now."

Another person in the audience asked the president what he plans to do after leaving office early next year.

"Michelle and I, we haven't had a chance to really step back and think about it," Mr. Obama said, though he gave some hints.

The president said he and the first lady will want to encourage young people to get involved, they want to improve education, make sure the criminal justice system works properly, promote science education and work internationally to help other countries develop.

"We're going to have a busy agenda, but I'm not overthinking that right now," he said.

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