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Welcome to the Neighborhood, Jack Flack

There aren't many of us high-profile PR bloggers in the blogosphere, sharing our pearly wisdom on major platforms like So I've got to give a shout-out to Jack Flack (no relation), who is now blogging about PR as a contributor to the New York Times' Dealbook blog.

Jack and I are working similar turf -- we're both commenting on business PR. The difference you'll notice, if you read us regularly, is that Jack is taking on BIG subjects just for the heck of it -- commenting for commenting's sake, if you will.

Here at Catching Flack, we have a different mission: to give you a quick shot of PR insight and actionable ideas based either on the day's news or the larger world of PR and communications. Some days, we may be commenting on the biggest stories in the news, while others, we may pick out a small item and use it as a teaching opportunity. Either way, we're shooting to send you off with a new idea or two about doing PR.

For the record, "Jack Flack" is a nom de plume for a PR guy named Paul Pendergrass, a former Coca-Cola PR exec who's an independent PR consultant. He had been blogging at under the pen name and on the same subject until he was wooed over to the Times last month.