Welcome to Pedophile Island: Calif. Candidate Douglas Hughes Has Grand Plan for Child Molesters

douglas hughes
Douglas Hughes

NEW YORK (CBS) Douglas R. Hughes, a dark horse candidate in the California governor's race, has a grand idea for the state's convicted pedophiles... give them an island.

"As your governor, my number one promise to you is to remove all pedophiles from the State of California," Hughes says on his website.

If elected, he says he would give pedophiles three choices after completing their jail terms: leave the state, stay in jail for life, or learn to ranch and farm on beautiful Santa Rosa Island, which he says is currently only visited by "park rangers and environmentalists."

His website reads like a Phillip K. Dick novel, packed with ideas on how the self-contained island society would form.

"The first of pedophiles to go to the island would be a lead team for 'their society' such as police, fire personnel, judges, fish and game agents, forest rangers, ranchers, farmers, building contractors, surveyors, and the like to establish the 'island community,'" he writes. "This lead team will be responsible for creating a master plan for the 'Island.'"

And Hughes actually makes island life sound sort of idyllic: "This 'Island' will represent a way of life that has long since been forgotten: one in which our forefathers came to this land with a wagon, some animals, seed, and tools, looking for water and land to build their lives around."

Sounds pretty good, except for all the pedophiles running around.

In Hughes' plan, the pedophile island is sort of a throwback to a more earnest time in American history. The pedophiles would be settlers of a certain sort. But there's a catch. Once you move to the pedophile island you can never leave. You are a "citizen" for life.

Oh and one other rule. No kids allowed.

What do you think? Crazy idea or crazy enough to work?