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Jack Vale pulls the old drive-thru switch prank

(CBS News) Jack Vale is a known prankster (just check out his YouTube site here), and for his latest prank, he pulls a fast one on unsuspecting drive-thru workers. With the help of his pal Greg Davis Jr., check out what happens when he orders bottles of water, then pulls the old people switcharoo on the employees when they return with his order.

The result is hilarious confusion. These poor employees start out with a white guy (Vale), and then end up with a black guy (Davis) -- or vice versa -- all in the same car, using the same card and asking for the same order. It's almost too easy, but it's still pretty funny, especially when one worker claims she must be drunk. And while most employee are good sports, there is one that just won't be tricked. She knows what she saw, and she isn't falling for these games, and props to her. My only question is, who orders water at a drive-thru? I guess that adds to the confusion.

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