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Snowstorm to disrupt Thanksgiving travel for millions

Snowstorm to disrupt Thanksgiving travel
Snowstorm to disrupt Thanksgiving travel 03:02

A snowstorm that will disrupt Thanksgiving travel for millions is slamming Colorado, and it's on its way toward the upper Midwest. It could reach the Northeast in time for Wednesday's big travel day.

Winter storm alerts stretch across much of the country, and in Denver, the forecast calls for 15 inches of snow. The Denver International Airport has over 200 pieces of equipment working to clear runways, but more than 200 flights have been canceled. Travelers there, like others across the country, are bracing for menacing holiday conditions.

Scenes of nature's fury are beginning to stretch for miles, coast to coast, as drivers brace for dangerous roads to get home for the holiday, reports CBS News correspondent Barry Petersen. 

In Salt Lake City, only cars with four-wheel drive and tires with chains are allowed on roads. Emergency crews responded to more than 50 crashes Monday.

Shoppers from California to Michigan are scrambling to get storm supplies.

In Denver, grocery store cashier Tamara Oliver said they have been hit twice as hard since people are also shopping for their Thanksgiving dinner.

"Everybody is trying to get everything done before the holiday," Oliver said.

Alex Renteria with the Denver airport said they expect flight delays and cancellations but are prepared for many who are stranded.

"We have thousands of blankets in stock," Renteria said. "If folks need diapers or formula or care kits, we also have those at our information booths."

On a normal day, the airport would have almost 200,000 passengers.

Jorge Prugue is traveling from Miami. His flight to Oregon was canceled and he might not be able to get another one until the storm is over.

"You think maybe you should have just stayed in Miami?" Petersen asked him.

"20/20 vision, that would have been good. No, I got my kids living in Portland so we're going to spend Thanksgiving over there," Prugue said.

Some people we spoke to have been arriving at least six hours early for their flights to avoid bad road conditions. The snow is expected to keep falling through Tuesday night.

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