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Watch: Rescue of would-be jumper from 3rd story window

Firefighters rescued a woman when she was about to jump from a third-story bedroom window Sunday in eastern China's Anhui Province.

The woman locked herself in the room and climbed out the window with the intention of committing suicide after a fight with her husband, authorities say. Despite five-hours of pleas, her family failed to persuade her to get down and could only call police.

Firefighters decided to bring the woman down forcibly after consulting with the family members and local police. 

Rescuers were divided into three groups: one to lower a firefighter by safety harness from the roof of the building to push the woman into room, a second to force their way into the room with the help of policemen to help the firefighter, and the third to lay some quilts on the ground in case anyone fell.

The woman was out of control when hearing the room door burst open and seeing the firefighter being lowered down, authorities say. She was about to jump, but passed out.

At the crucial moment, the firefighter hanging outside the building clasped her decisively and carried her down to the ground slowly. The woman was then hospitalized.