Watch: Mark Cuban rips ESPN analyst Skip Bayless on air

Mark Cuban and Skip Bayless on ESPN's First Take.

(CBS News) ESPN on-air pundit Skip Bayless has been called many things. Vikings punter Chris Kluwe called him "uninformed." Charles Barkley? He called Bayless "ridiculous." As for Kevin Durant, he branded Bayless "sickening."

And those adjectives are some of the kinder observations.

Now we can add Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban to the list of people not fond of the ESPN analyst's particular brand of "analysis."

On ESPN's First Take on Friday, Cuban laid into Bayless' penchant for "generalizations" and disregard for basic facts.

When Bayless (who has been a huge critic of LeBron James in the past) suggested that the Miami Heat won the NBA title because they "played harder," Cuban had a simple response: "That is the most ridiculous thing any sportswriter has ever said."

Cuban took particular umbrage when Bayless said that James, a three-time MVP and newly crowned NBA champ, cared what the ESPN analyst had to say about him. Said Cuban: "This is a Skip Bayless special. 'He lost last year because he was paying attention to Skip Bayless. He won this year because he stopped paying attention to Skip Bayless.'"