Watch: Game ends with buzzer-beater and KO'd ref

Green Bay @ Loyola-Chicago

(CBS) - If you only read about one Horizon League matchup this season, make it this one. This overtime thriller featured UW-Green Bay at Loyola-Chicago and a last-minute game-winner that had it all. Three-pointer with one second left? Check. Referee that gets knocked to the ground in the ensuing mob? Also check.

Move ahead to the 4-minute mark in the above video to see the chaotic conclusion.

Kam Cerroni's game-winning three sent Green Bay rushing off the bench. It looks inadvertent in the video, but referee Joe Derosa takes an elbow to the chest and a hard fall. There were still .04 seconds left on the clock, so the visitors could have been called for any number of technical fouls. But the referees decided to let it play out and Green Bay went home with the win.

If Joe Derosa's name sounds familiar, it's because he used to be an NBA ref. He's working the Horizon League now after an incident with a fan in 2010. Derosa threw a ball at a fan then had him ejected from the arena.