Watch and learn how to make a giant dry ice bubble

(CBS News) One of our favorite creators of science and illusion videos is back with a brand-new experiment that will totally have you geek out. Go ahead and click play on the video above to watch and learn how to make a giant dry ice bubble. That's right: giant dry ice bubble.

The science made very cool experiment was posted by YouTube user brusspup (also with music by him here), who has previously amazed us with a variety of demonstrations (including this blogger's favorite that appears to be a "glitch in the Matrix"), and who writes about his latest work:

I was inspired by the following video. The first thing I thought when I saw the video is "I wonder if I can make a bigger bubble?" So I gave it a try.
I wanted to make my own bubble solution to try and get the strongest possible bubble. It's possible you can get the same results using store bought bubble solution.
I used
Dawn Dish Detergent 5 tablespoons
Glycerin (95%) 4 tablespoons
Distilled Water 1 cup
Stir it really good but try not to stir up any bubbles.
I used 100% cotton for the cloth strip.
Dry ice.
Be sure to wear gloves when handling the dry ice.
It was definitely easier to make a bubble across the smaller bowl. If you try to make a bubble across a large bowl, you may have to try many times until you get lots of the bubble solution coating the edges.
In the smaller plastic bowl I used about 2 or 3 pounds of dry ice and filled it with hot water. When you first drop in your dry ice and water, the bubble will form and pop quickly. It also releases the best looking "smoke" After about the 5th bubble, they start taking longer to form but will produce some interesting looking effects.
In the large black tub, I used 10 pounds of dry ice and enough hot water to cover the ice.
Have fun!

Oh, we definitely will... a really great experiment that has earned brusspup another big triple-rainbow salute of excellence from us here at The Feed! And to check out more work by brusspup, you can click here to see our previous posts on him or click here to go to his YouTube page.