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Washington Post Ads Reflect Inaugural Excitement

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By CBS News State Department reporter Charles Wolfson.

The Washington Post includes a special three-page paid advertising section in today's edition called "Welcome to the White House." There are hundreds of ads placed by people from all over the country and even a few from abroad. In their own way they reflect the excitement which Barack Obama's campaign generated.

Many of the ads picked up on the campaign's "Yes, We Can" theme. In bold type are "YES WE CAN AND WE DID," "We Can and We Will!!," "YES, YOU CAN," and "TOGETHER, we can do it!"

Among the expressions of hope are: "HOPE HAS DAWNED" and "MY CHILDREN WILL KNOW A DIFFERENT WORLD because of this moment."

Several ads were from kids and addressed to the Obama children, Malia and Sasha: James Connolly, a 7-year-old from Milton, Mass., wrote: "I am also happy for your daughters that they are getting a dog. I hope that someday I can come over for a play date to play with them and the dog...."

Good luck, James.

Pleas on behalf of special causes dotted the sentiments expressed: "Remember Victims of (hurricane) IKE," "Remember the Arts" and "Concern About 'new' Guantanamo."

America's history of segregation was reflected in a number of the ads honoring the election of America's first African-American President. One ad began with "An Event They Said Would Never Be Seen / Welcome Obama Family," another said "We never thought we would see this day..." and still another referred to the author of "Roots." "I wish Alex Haley and his ancestors had lived to see this day."

Finally, an ad that summed up the reason so many had come to Washington to see this historic moment for themselves: "HOPE IS IN THE HOUSE !!!"

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