Washington D.C. Vandalism: Green paint vandalism at District landmarks could be connected, police say

U.S. Park Police investigated the green paint found on the statue of Joseph Henry.

(CBS) A string of green paint vandalism at Washington, D.C. landmarks, statues and churches could be connected, District police Chief Cathy L. Lanier said on a television news program Tuesday, on News Channel 8.

PICTURES: Lincoln Memorial vandalized with green paint

Police arrested Jiamei Tian, 58, Monday in the area of the Washington National Cathedral after two chapels there  were discovered vandalized with green paint. They described Tian as homeless and said she speaks little or no English, the Post reports.

Monday, Lanier reportedly said Tian may have "mental health issues."

On Friday, green paint was discovered on the Lincoln Memorial. Monday, green paint vandalism was also discovered on the statue of Joseph Henry, outside the headquarters of the Smithsonian Institution. Later the same day, green paint was found strewn on the organ console in the National Cathedral's Bethlehem Chapel and inside the Children's Chapel.

The incidents may be linked to similar vandalism at Washington's Luther Place Memorial Church and a nearby statue in Washington's Thomas Circle, police reportedly believe. They say paint was discovered on the statue and paint and feces was found on an organ inside the church.

Speaking on Washington's News Channel 8 during a monthly segment Tuesday, Lanier reportedly said police are "looking at [the National Cathedral incident] as possibly being linked to three other incidents. ... They certainly seem to be."

The vandalism at the statue nearby Luther Place Memorial Church was discovered Wednesday, parish administrator Jack Reiffer told the Post -- before the Lincoln Memorial vandalism was discovered.

Then on Sunday, Reiffer said parishioners discovered the paint and feces on the organ.

Tian had attended services at the church before, Reiffer told the Post.

"She's somebody we know," Reiffer said. "She's homeless, but it's somebody we recognized."

Tian has been charged with defacing property in connection with the National Cathedral incident, CBS affiliate WUSA9 reports.

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