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Warner Hospitalized For Heart Condition

Sen. John Warner (R-Va.), who just announced his retirement from the Senate, was hospitalized today for a heart condition.

"Senator Warner came to the office today and handled planned appointments. He checked in with the Capitol Physician’s Office mid-morning, returned to his office for additional meetings, and then subsequently left this afternoon for an appointment at Inova Fairfax Hospital," said a statement from his office.

"At Fairfax Hospital, Senator Warner had a procedure to correct atrial fibrillation. A second, routine procedure will be performed tomorrow. His doctors fully anticipate that Senator Warner will be home this weekend and back to work next week."

According to the American Heart Association, atrial fibrillation occurs when "the heart's two small upper chambers (the atria) quiver instead of beating effectively. Blood isn't pumped completely out of them, so it may pool and clot. If a piece of a blood clot in the atria leaves the heart and becomes lodged in an artery in the brain, a stroke results." About 15 percent of stroke victims suffer from atrial fibrillation.