War Protesters Briefly Shut Down Senate

A handful of war protesters briefly shut down the Senate chamber this afternoon, yelling "stop the war" as they were forcibly removed from the Senate.

Ten protesters, who covered their faces in white gauze and chanted "I am the ghost of the Iraq war" managed to stand up one after another and disrupt the chamber's proceedings for about one minute. It took about 35 Capitol police officers to detain the protesters, who left the chamber with little resistance.

The protesters, who say they are from the National Campaign for Non-violent Resistance were processed and photographed in a hallway adjoining the Senate and shipped to the Capitol Police headquarters for booking. Reporters who tried to witness the scene were forced to leave the hallway where the protesters were arrested.

The Senate didn't miss a beat, and returned to debating the federal budget.

UPDATE: Senate Sergeant at Arms Terrance W. Gainer stopped by the Senate press gallery to make amends with reporters who were blocked from the scene and said the Capitol police will try to balance their law enforcement work and let the press do their jobs in the Capitol.