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Want to buy one share of Facebook stock? Here's how


(CBS News) Novice investors, too, can own a piece of Facebook stock.

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One of tech's most highly anticipated stocks may hit the NASDAQ on Friday and it's not just serious investors who are interested in owning a piece of Facebook.

Among the Wall Street brokers waiting for a piece of Facebook are investors who want to own a single share of recognized brands. Often times, people will buy a single share to have a connection to their favorite company.

"It interests people who are not ordinarily interested in the stock market," Rick Roman, the founder of GiveAShare, told CNNMoney. "We've been getting people asking about it for a year."

Sites like GiveAShare or OneShare specialize in single stock purchases, even framing certificates for gift stocks.

One share seems insignificant, but CNNMoney points out that a share of Apple stock purchased 15 years ago for five dollars is now fetching around $560.

Owners of a single share of stock often get to attend share-holders meetings and even get paid dividends, if the company offers them.

Technically, you can also buy one share through an online brokerage company like E-Trade. However, investors may not get an official certificate like the ones offered by GiveAShare or OnceStock. By law, companies don't have to issue official certificates.

Expect to pay a premium for the frills, though. GiveAShare is currently selling Disney stock for $82 and OneShare for $84.17 - if you include the certificate fee. A single share for Disney by comparison is currently about $45. Compare that with the broker's fee for buying a single share through E-Trade, which is about $9.99.

Facebook raised the price for its IPO Tuesday - setting the new price range from $34 to $38 per share. Previously, the range was at $28 to $35. The social network is selling 180 million shares in the IPO, with another 157 million shares coming from current stockholders.

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