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Wall Sculptures Draw Collectors' Eyes

Produced in the last 50 years or so, Bossons have seen their value skyrocket. Saturday Early Show Collectibles Expert Tony Hyman says some are worth thousands of dollars.

Have you ever seen the plaster painted heads hanging on someone's wall and wondered what they were? Well, wonder no more. They are called wall sculptures, or simply Bossons after the English company that made them between 1946 and 1996 as ornaments for every room in the home.

The most valuable Bossons include a bare armed Cheyenne warrior, worth several thousand dollars. Other Native Americans designs are worth several hundred dollars each.

Find out about other collectibles described by The Saturday Early Show's Tony Hyman in the Collectibles Archive or visit Tony Hyman's Web site.

If you think you have a collectible worth a lot of cash, send an email to with "What's It Worth?" in the subject line. Or write to "What's It Worth?" The Saturday Early Show, 514 West 57th St., 6th floor, New York, N.Y. 10019.

Values for the hundreds of other known designs range from $75 to $1,200.

Bossons also made plaster art other than heads. The 14-inch tall carving of Mikado and a geisha is worth about $900 in mint condition.

Hundreds of Bossons plaques were produced depicting floral groups, English buildings, bridges and hunting scenes. Odd topics are especially valuable. A scene of an aborigine group is worth $350.

To fetch full value, Bossons must be in mint condition or professionally restored.

Not all plaster figures are Bossons. Most Bossons are identified by the name engraved on the back. Buyers should be aware, though, that fake Bossons are widely sold on the Internet with a forged engraving. When in doubt about authencity, seek expert advice.

For more information on Bossons, Hyman recommends Dr. Don Hardisty. Dr. Hardisty is an internationally known authority on the Bossons Company and its products as well as a licensed Bossons restorer. He is happy to answer questions regarding buying, selling or repairing Bossons. E-mail him directly at or visit his Web site.

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