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W. Kentucky U. Lets Students Throw Darts At Politicians

This story was written by Laurel Wilson, College Heights Herald

There may be times when a person wants to throw darts at a politician's head, but it doesn't usually happen in reality.

Western Kentucky University students were given that chance to release their frustration outside of Downing University Center on Monday as part of Constitution Week.

For $1, participants could buy threedarts to throwata picture of the presidential or senatorial candidate of their choice. The money raised was split between the College Republicans and College Democrats, said Saundra Ardrey, head of the political science department.

Bowling Green freshman Brittany Cardwell volunteered at the dart-throwing station. She helped people register to vote and recruited people to throw darts.

Cardwell said she got involved because she needed community service for her university experience class. "If I can encourage somebody else to get involved politically, to me that's the best community service I can do," Cardwell said.

This is the first year that the dart challenge has been a part of Constitution Week, Ardrey said.

Usually, there is a board outside ofthe centerfor students to write their opinions. It was replaced by the dart challenge this year because of the presidential election, Ardrey said.

"We're trying to catch the attention of students," she said.

Other Constitution Week events include a reading of the U.S. Constitution in the center's lobby and a presentation by artist Mark Burns about how the First Amendment applies to art.

Burns, who lives and works in Las Vegas, said the First Amendment is one of the most important tools for an artist.

Burns has had his art banned and been fired from a job for controversial art. "I always tell the truth with my art, whether right or wrong," Burns said.

Other events to celebrate Constitution Week include a lecture Wednesdayby Kentucky Supreme Court Chief Justice John Minton and a Rock the Vote festival on Thursday.

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