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Voter registration draws to close in four key states

Voters in four states crucial to the outcome of this year's presidential election have just hours left to register to vote.

Four weeks from Election Day, the deadline to register to vote is Tuesday night in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Colorado and Florida.

Both campaigns have been working to increase the voter rolls with their supporters. The Obama campaign launched its "gottavote" bus tour, which has spent the past week in Ohio and is spending the final voter registration day in Democrat-heavy Cincinnati, working to register those last-minute supporters.

The Ohio Secretary of State's office was unable to provide the number of registered Democrats compared to Republicans in Ohio because voters do not indicate party affiliation.

In Florida, however, the Democratic Party boasted that it has out-registered Republicans for eight consecutive months, registering 18,063 more voters than Republicans in September. According to the latest statistics by the Florida Secretary of State, Democrats have 500,000 more registered voters than Republicans, but 2.86 million people are registered as Independents or with third parties as of October 7.

Although the number of Pennsylvania registered voters is smaller than in 2008 - but is sure to increase in the final days of voter registration  - the Obama campaign says Pennsylvania has 1 million more registered Democrats than Republicans.

In Colorado, of the nearly 2.3 million registered voters, Republicans best Democrats by nearly 14,800 voters as of the latest count. Final numbers, however, will likely not be available for a few more weeks.

Voter registration also closes Tuesday in 12 other states, including Illinois, Georgia, and Michigan. Registration in the battleground state of Virginia closes Monday and Tuesday in Nevada.

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