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Virgin Mobile Adds More Megabytes to Broadband2Go Rate Plans

Remember Broadband2Go, the awesome pay-as-you-go mobile-broadband service? We've been using it on and off for months -- and loving every minute of its no-contract connectivity.

Now Virgin Mobile is making this sweet deal a little sweeter by offering more bandwidth for the same price. In a nutshell, three of the four rate plans now come with more megabytes. Here's the breakdown:

Obviously the $40 and $60 plans net you the biggest benefits. The latter is particularly nice to see, as it puts Broadband2Go on par with what you get from the Sprint and Verizon plans (which, of course, still require a two-year contract).

I'm also glad to report that the modem itself has dropped in price from $149.99 to around $99.99. (Walmart currently has it for $94, but you'll have to pay sales tax.)

In an ideal world, Virgin would start offering a $5/1-day plan. I'm finding that most of the times I need the service, I need it for only a day -- or just part of a day. How 'bout something for us cheapskates, guys?

Still, Broadband2Go remains one of my all-time favorite services. It's a shame more people don't know about it.