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Viral Video Alert: Cornyn Edition

This video praising Sen. John Cornyn (R-Tex.), which first aired at the Texas Republican convention earlier this month, has gotten some unlikely attention – from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.

The video portrays Cornyn dressed in cowboy regalia riding on a horse with a baritone narrator singing his praises to the tune of Jimmy Dean’s “Big Bad John." It is now featured on the DSCC’s blog, and was also parodied by Jon Stewart on the "Daily Show" this week.

It features such classic lines, such as: “He came down off the bench after doing his time. He fought heathens and all kinds of crime. He was just getting started and a long ways to go. We sent him to Washington to the really big show. Big John. Big Bad John.”

And this: "Don't think that, big Johnny, we're sending you back.  And you're doing the Lord's work for Texas, and we got your back.  We'll call folk, we'll hustle, we'll outwork our foe. We'll tell souls in Texas you must get six mo'.  Well that place out yonder needs more men like you, who'll shoot straight and talk straight and enjoy a good brew."

Cornyn is up for re-election this year, and is facing Democratic state senator Rick Noriega in the general election.

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