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Video: Watch a weeks-old baby polar bear having a dream

What do polar bears dream about? This little polar bear cub sure seems to be reacting to something in her sleep, in this video released by the Columbus Zoo in Ohio.

The video was shot when the cub was just five weeks old, weighing 4 pounds and 16 inches long. It shows her rolling around, kicking and grunting adorably while she dozes.

The cub, who is now seven weeks old, does not yet have a name, and still in the first months of life, she is in a fragile state. The Columbus Zoo says that the survival rate for a cub like her is about 50 percent in human care - about the same as it is in the wild.

The cub was born in early November to the zoo's polar bear named Aurora, and is now being hand-reared by human caretakers. Zoo officials made the decision to remove it from its mother, who frequently took breaks from caring for the newborn.

The Columbus Zoo currently has four polar bears including the adorable unnamed cub.

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