Video: How to Tank Your Interview

Need a good laugh? Then check out Microsoft's IT Interview Gone Wrong videos, which offer three amusing examples of how to royally screw up an interview.

Though the videos are intended to promote the benefits of Microsoft Certification, you don't have to be an IT type to enjoy them. Here's the first one -- more after the jump.

Okay, which one was your favorite? I liked them all, but I have to give the nod to "The Rookie." (Best line comes at the end.)

By the way, I didn't bother including the fourth video, which shows an interview "gone right," because it's not funny. But you can watch it if you need an example of how to behave properly and effectively in a job interview. (Based on my experience interviewing people for tech jobs -- yes, I do have some -- at least a few of you probably do need an example.)

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