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Video Games Still Aren't Enough To Make CES Relevant

The Consumer Electronics Show is touting "the largest Gaming Showcase in CES history", but it still won't be enough to get gamer attention -â€" and boost CES over the increasingly growing competition.

Adding a little gaming isn't a bad move per se: This first quarter will be hit by highly anticipated adventures Mass Effect 2, Bioshock 2 and Dante's Inferno, not to mention this week's release of the action game Bayonetta and the trilogy-ending God of War III in March.

The problem here is that having any major gaming presence isn't sustainable. At least one title, BioShock 2, was actually slated for the fall â€" when nearly every major game comes out nowadays in time for the holiday season. Also, as I mentioned in a previous CES post, games are previewed in the summer, during the still relevant Electronic Entertainment Expo. Many of designer have told me that E3 is their company deadline: Make a presentable demo for E3, then we'll go into crunch time to wrap it up for Christmas. Imagine already-stretched teams adhering to two conferences?

The nice part is that CES can serve as an additional outlet. Have a delay and it can serve as a less-prominent back-up.

Unfortunately, that's the last thing CES needs: To be seen as a second-class venue for yet another tech genre.

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