Video Game Chair Shakes, Rattles and Rolls

It looks like something out of Star Trek. A chair with built in speakers that surrounds you with sound...and sound you play computer games. Bill Beres is with BSG Labs, which makes the Intensor...

" It's an audio product that enhances the gaming experience and it also enhances everything connected in the home, which is TV and DSS, VCR, DVD movies. But initially we're calling it the Intensor because it adds intensity to whatever video experience you're having. Particularly video games."

You just plug the chair into the sound output, and as they say, get ready to rumble...

"You get a chance to have a patented audio sound that surrounds you like headphones...goes to your head you a whole field of sound and every bump or gunshot or movement in the movie or in the video game gives you a thump through the spine and trails right up your back so you have the tactile feedback as well as the patented sound system."

That tactile feedback is adjustable along with the sound. The chair is fun....but it isn't cheap. About three hundred dollars. Even serious gamers might have trouble justifying that kind of investment.