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Veep Watch: Crist Hangs Out With McCain In Fla.

CBS News' John Bentley reports that Gov. Charlie Crist, R-Fla., and his new fiancee have joined John McCain on his flight from Orlando to Panama City, Fla., which is just taking off.

Crist, whose endorsement of McCain before the Florida primary in January is widely credited with McCain's win there, is spending the day with McCain as he campaigns there today. And his presence today will surely fuel the rumor mill about Crist's place on McCain's potential running mate list.

However, before everyone gets too carried away, Crist's appearance today comes on the heels of a St. Petersburg Times article that suggests "Crist's bid to be McCain's VP may be waning."

In addition to various examples of Crist-related documents not being requested by the McCain campaign, the article also says, "Crist has slipped from the top of media lists in recent weeks. At the same time, in a subtle but revealing shift, Crist now veers away from showing any interest in McCain's ticket and pledges love for his current job. For most of this summer, Crist did little to tamp down the speculation surrounding his name."

The day is still young and regardless of what the tea leaves are showing, Crist's time with McCain is sure to be scrutinized for any signs of where his standing may be on McCain's veep list.