Vanilla Ice vows to stay in Florida, ride out Hurricane Matthew

Vanilla Ice displays the American Music Awards he won in the rock and rap categories on Jan. 28, 1991.


Last Updated Oct 6, 2016 4:16 PM EDT

Vanilla Ice is not about to let a storm scare him out of his home. 

The rapper and Florida resident -- who shot to fame in 1990 with the single “Ice Ice Baby” -- vowed to ride out Hurricane Matthew as it approached his home state Thursday, tweeting defiantly that he wouldn’t be budging. 

“This hurricane is serious and coming right at me,” he tweeted. “I’m going to ride out the storm. I’ll keep you updated.”

In a response tweet, the Florida Democrats urged Ice to reconsider. “If you are in an evacuation zone, you should leave now,” the organization tweeted. 

“Right now things are pretty calm, but you know what that means, the calm before the storm,” the rapper and home improvement television personality tweeted an hour later. 

As the storm began to batter the Florida coast Thursday afternoon, he chimed in again, tweeting, “Riders on the storm. I am right on the ocean in Palm Beach looking at evil darkness sky coming with the hurricane.”

Vanilla Ice’s middle name, by the way, is Matthew.