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Vanilla Ice "Goes Amish" in new reality TV series

"All right stop collaborate and listen -- Ice is back with my brand new invention" -- and this time it's a reality show inside an Amish community.

Vanilla Ice has been many things: rapper, actor and reality star. But Amish? The "Ice Ice Baby" singer, born Robert Van Winkle, will star in "Vanilla Ice Goes Amish," set to debut on the DIY network this year.

According to network executive Burton Jablin, Vanilla Ice will immerse himself in an Amish community in Ohio to learn how they do construction work. Vanilla Ice tweeted: "This show is going to be amazing, pure magical. Get in where you fit in, and I'm sitting in with the Amish. LOL."

The '90s rap star is already acquainted with the network; he stars in the home renovation series, "The Vanilla Ice Project." And he's no stranger to reality television, having appeared in "Dancing on Ice," "Celebrity Boxing" and "The Surreal Life: Fame Games."