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Valentine blues? 10 best cities to be single

Do you expect to be sad and alone on Valentine's Day? That may be because you're in the wrong town. This Valentine's Day, the editors at Kiplinger's Personal Finance decided to find out the best cities for singles, based on the numbers -- like how many households are single versus married; whether those households are affluent enough to date, and just what a date might cost.

Their findings might surprise you. The best city in the country to be single is none other than Ann Arbor, Mich. Why? Start with the fact that more than half of the city's population is single, thanks in part to proximity to the University of Michigan. Add in that the average household income is $59,065 -- well above the national norm of $49,536. If that's not enough, the cost of a night out on the town is a budget-pleasing $24. And there's plenty to do, including free concerts, shop in the quaint old town or frequent one of the cities many bars and restaurants. (OK, some of them are dives. Call that "affordable.")

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What cities make up the rest of the list? Here's the skinny. Check out Kiplinger's slide show to find out why these are the ten best cities to be single.

2. Bloomington, Ill.

3. Santa Cruz, Calif.

4. Baltimore

5. Los Angeles

6. Philadelphia

7. Trenton, N.J.

8. New York

9. Durham, N.C.

10. Iowa City, Iowa

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