Use Google Analytics to Reduce User 'Bouncing'

For anyone who operates a Web site, the name of the game is traffic: The more you pull in, the better it is for business. Of course, getting visitors to your site is only half the battle: The other half is getting them to stick around instead of just "bouncing" away.

Google's Avinash Kaushik shows you how to leverage Google Analytics to improve your site's "bounce rate." Here's an overview:

1. [Bounce rate] is really hard to misunderstand. It measures the number of people who landed on your site and refused to give you even one single click!
2. It is available in most Web analytics tools, including our own Google Analytics.
3. It is quick and easy to use. Bounce rate will help you understand where and how to make changes on your Web site in under an hour.

Kaushik explains how to identify your site's bounce rate, then determine which referring sites cause the most bounces. With that information in hand, you can "investigate the reasons why (the campaigns, the context in which your link is placed, the ads) and make changes to ensure that visitors find what they are looking for when they come to your site."

This is definitely worth a read for anyone looking to boost site traffic. If you're unfamiliar with Google Analytics, you might want to start with an earlier post: Track your site stats with Google Analytics.

Now, if I could just get the Powers That Be to let me use GA with Business Hacks, I'd be a happy camper. Really, really happy. How about it, PTB?