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UPDATED: McCain, Obama Not Saying How They'll Vote on Bailout Bill

From CBS News' John Bentley:

(INDEPENDENCE, MO.) – "If you can't convince them, confuse them," was Harry Truman's famous quote on the art of negotiation, and it seems apt that John McCain spoke at the Truman Presidential Library here today about the bailout bill that will be voted on in the Senate tonight without actually saying whether he will vote for the plan or not.

"The original proposal was flawed. I urged additions of taxpayer protections, stronger oversight, limitations on executive compensation and more protections for people's bank accounts, for families in America, for working Americans. I am pleased that these are being added to improve the original bill, but it's not perfect," McCain said. "It took Congress a while, and there were costs to these delays. But they have awakened to the danger."

UPDATE 1:15pm ET:McCain adviser Mark Salter confirms to CBS News that McCain will vote Yes on the bill tonight.

UPDATE 1:35pm ET:Obama spokeswoman Linda Douglass confirms to CBS News that Obama will vote Yes on the bill tonight.

Barack Obama has been no better. "I'll be flying back to Washington today to cast my vote to safeguard the American economy," he said at a rally in La Crosse, Wisconsin, without actually saying what that vote would be. "To the Democrats and Republicans who have opposed this plan, I say – step up to the plate and do what's right for the country, because the time to act is now."

Neither one sounds particularly convincing, just confusing.

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