Updated: Confusion Over Burial Site of Michelle Obama's Father

(AP Photo/M. Spencer Green)
This story was updated at 3:30 p.m. ET to correct information provided by the White House.

The White House clarified Tuesday afternoon that First Lady Michelle Obama's father is buried at Lincoln cemetery, not Burr Oak cemetery.

The White House had earlier told CBS News Mrs. Obama's father is buried at Burr Oak, the site where gravediggers removed hundreds of bodies to resell burial plots.

Four workers at the cemetery outside Chicago allegedly dug up and dumped as many as 300 bodies to make a profit on the land. They made as much as $300,000 reselling the burial plots, but guilt-ridden workers eventually alerted the owners of the cemetery.

The four employees face up to eight years behind bars.

Mrs. Obama's father, Fraser Robinson III, died in 1991.