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With the New Hampshire Primary just two days away, the pressure is on for the Democratic presidential candidates. Polls still show Kerry in the lead but all of the candidates continue their intense campaign schedules in an effort to win over undecided voters. Jim Axelrod reports on the continuing race for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Chief Washington Correspondent Bob Schieffer joins us to offer some insight on the pros and cons of being the "frontrunner" at this early stage of the election.

So what do voters really look for in a president? Randall Pinkston asks Judith Trent, a woman who has been polling voters in New Hampshire over the last four presidential campaigns as part of a joint research project by the University of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky University.

One Campaign '04 issue that's not going away concerns Saddam Hussein's Weapons of Mass Destruction . . . or LACK thereof. Joie Chen has more on the investigator who's come up empty, and sparked a full-fledged political debate.

NASA cannot believe their luck, a second rover has successfully landed on Mars. Within hours of its landing, the Opportunity Rover transmitted pictures back to Earth from its position on the Red Planet. Jerry Bowen has that story.

Under Saddam Hussein's regime, the women of Iraq had more freedoms than those in most neighboring Middle Eastern countries. Will those freedoms be compromised if Islamic Law is reinstated in the country? Allen Pizzey explains the dilemma.

Dan Rather has the latest update on our continuing look behind the scenes at the Democratic presidential candidates and the reporters following them. This time we examine the the adjustments each campaign has made since the Iowa Caucus, and look towards Tuesday's New Hampshire primary. That is tonight's Weekend Journal

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