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Untold Stories: Week Of May 10

CBS News Correspondent David Jackson takes a look at the news that never got told because there was so much else going on last week.

Crab Has Its Day
For starters, there's Martin Z. Mullosk of Ocean City, New Jersey. He's a hermit crab and each year at this time they drag him down to the beach. If he sees his shadow in the sand, summer arrives a week early. They never told us whether he saw it, but after the ceremony he was driven back to City Hall for a meal of stale pizza crust, swamp water, and rancid cucumber rinds. Yum!

End Of The Line For Frat Brats
Washington State University President Sam Smith declares: "The party's over!" Six fraternities are punished for a drunken five-hour melee in which a couple of dozen cops were hurt by thrown rocks and beer cans. No more says President Smith. Grow up!

Somethin' For Nothin'
Switzerland's Supreme Court rules that foundations set up by the late Philippines dictator Ferdinand Marcos don't need free legal help. They have plenty of money to pay for their own. There are six such foundations in Liechtenstein and Panama trying to block return to the Philippines of a $500 million that Marcos stashed in Swiss accounts.

Gennifer's Fond Memories
Gennifer Flowers says we'll miss President Clinton when his term is over. The ex-cabaret singer who claims to have had an affair with him thinks that people like all the controversy surrounding Mr. Clinton. She says it's been a huge six-year soap opera. In the year 2000, she says, we'll go through withdrawal.

Bigger Is Better—Sort Of
The big get bigger. California is already the country's most populous state, and it's also the fastest growing state. Last year the population grew by almost 2 percent, or 582,000 people. The fastest growing city? Corcoran, in the central San Joaquin Valley. Its population is up by 22 percent. But, and it's a big but, much of that increase is because they just opened a new prison.