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Arrest warrants issued for 46 University of New Hampshire fraternity members over alleged hazing incident

Several dozen members of a fraternity at the University of New Hampshire have been charged for an alleged hazing incident, the Durham Police Department announced Friday.

On April 13, the Sigma Alpha Epsilon New Hampshire Beta chapter hosted an event at its house with new members of the fraternity. Five days later, the university alerted authorities of an alleged hazing incident stemming from the event. According to police, an investigation concluded that there was "probable cause that the crime of Student Hazing had occurred."

Arrest warrants for 46 members of the organization, as well as the SAE New Hampshire Beta organization, were issued on June 7, police said. Student hazing is a misdemeanor, and the accused fraternity members could face a $1,200 fine if found guilty, while the fraternity itself could face up to a $20,000 fine.

As of Tuesday, 29 members have been arrested: Brendan Akpan, 21; Nicolaos Beka, 19; Nicolas Boruvka, 20; Joseph Cleary, 20; Jason Crocker, 19; Anthony Gionta, 19; Tucker Guard, 20; Charlie Kavanaugh, 19; Thomas Langlois, 20; Nore Mendes, 19; Christopher Pacios, 19; Samuel Patterson, 20; Tyler Prout, 19; Matthew Ray, 18; Simon Roy, 20; Kevin Russell, 19; Matthew Smeltzer, 20; Joshua Tobin, 18; Austin Wackrow, 19; Seth Burdick, 19; Benjamin Chase, 18; Robert Doherty, 19; Daniel Fachiol, 21; Charles Farrah, 20; Robert Hardy, Jr., 21; Oliver Jacques, 19; Gabriel Kwan, 21; Mason Steele, 19; and Colby Travis, 19.

Nearly four dozen fraternity members at the University of New Hampshire were charged with hazing students. Durham Police Department
Durham Police Department
Durham Police Department

They were released on hand summonses and will appear in court on July 13.

Police did not identify the 17 others charged in the incident. 

The complaint against the fraternity's chapter was answered by its president, Anthony Gionta, police said Tuesday.

In a statement to CBS News, the university said it suspended the fraternity during the investigation.

"We take any allegation of hazing very seriously, and now that the police investigation is complete, we will be initiating a formal conduct process," the statement said.

The Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity Service Center said in a statement Saturday that it was aware of the incident and has been fully cooperating with the investigation.

"Upon learning of the alleged incident, SAE immediately issued a Cease and Desist of the chapter, began our own investigation, and informed The University of New Hampshire's administration," it said. "SAE's investigation was paused upon being notified about the opening of a police investigation."

"Sigma Alpha Epsilon denounces all acts of hazing and misconduct that do not represent the Fraternity's values defined by our creed, The True Gentleman," the statement added.

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