United Flight slides off runway at O'Hare Aiport

CHICAGO -- A United Airlines flight slid off a runway at O'Hare airport on Friday, CBS Chicago reported.

The Boeing 737 was in a grassy area off of runway 9L at the north end of the airport.

The FAA said United Airlines Flight 734 was inbound to O'Hare from San Francisco.

The engines were still running as emergency crews arrived on the scene.

The flight number was not immediately confirmed, but posts on Twitter said it was Flight 734 from San Francisco.

Passengers on the flight said that nobody was injured.

On Dec. 30 another United flight slid off the runway.

In that incident, United Flight 1977 from Seattle slid off the end of Runway 27R into an overrun area after missing a turn to begin taxiing to the terminal. The airline said the plane never left the pavement, and stopped within an overrun area.