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Uncertainty "tends to make firearms sell, for sure." Gun sales are on pace for a record year

Firearm sales spike across the U.S
Firearm sales soar across U.S.; gun stores on track for record year 01:37

We've seen many products become popular during the pandemic, including puzzles, home improvement items and exercise equipment. One item continuing in big demand: guns. Their sales are on pace for a record year, reports CBS Miami.

Gun stores nationwide are seeing an increase in customers. The FBI said there were almost 16 million background checks for firearm purchases from January through last month. That's a 31% increase compared to the same time last year.

Sales at Fuquay Gun & Gold in North Carolina have been non-stop since the pandemic started.

"Every time a stimulus check hits, the lines go around the corner," said owner Clay Ausley.

He said this is the busiest he's been in his 17 years of selling firearms.

"There's a tremendous amount of people still buying firearms for home defense this year. Also, a ton of interest in concealed-carry … firearms this year," Ausley said.

Firearms sellers are seeing buyers from all demographics.

Josette Severson owns a store and training facility in North Dakota and says more senior citizens are coming in to take classes.

"Now during the day, several times a week at 10 in the morning, we have our Silver Bullet Club, which is for 60-plus," she said.

Maria Larios said she wants one for self-defense after seeing the past year of unrest and recent mass shootings.

"I have a child, you know, I just feel like I need to protect myself," she said.

Many buyers are also concerned about future gun control legislation.

"It's very, very uncertain at this time in our nation and that tends to make firearms sell, for sure," Ausley said.

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