Unaired excerpts from the Obama, Romney interviews

The conversation continues online with the 2012 presidential candidates. Here's what you didn't see on the 60 Minutes broadcast

Romney says his secretly recorded comments we... 01:12

Gov. Romney tells Scott Pelley his secretly recorded comments at a campaign fundraiser were taken out of context, and he is passionate about helping "all the people of this country."

Steve Kroft asks the president why the recove... 01:11

Steve Kroft reminds Pres. Obama about a statement the president made in 2009, vowing to turn the economy around in three years -- or risk being voted out.

Romney says regulation of Wall Street is esse... 01:02

Gov. Mitt Romney tells Scott Pelley that we need "extensive regulation" of Wall Street, but President Obama's approach has made small and regional banks reluctant to lend.

Reviving a stalled economy 00:48

President Obama tells Steve Kroft that he and Mitt Romney have a "fundamentally different vision" about how to create jobs. Obama says he wants to return to Clinton-era policies that boosted growth.

Too many job training programs? 00:36

Gov. Mitt Romney explains why he would like to eliminate some federal training programs and provide the funding to states instead.

Green jobs' false promise? 01:30

President Obama defends his record on green energy jobs and tells Steve Kroft that he won't cede "the jobs of the future" to countries like China or Germany.

Mitt Romney says he doesn't want to raise tax... 00:53

Mitt Romney tells Scott Pelley the country's problem isn't that we're not taxing enough, but that "we're spending too much and we have too little growth."

Enlisting the public 00:43

President Obama says he should have done a better job of getting the American people involved in political debates where he needed their support.

Romney on "Obamacare" 01:24

Gov. Romney tells Scott Pelley he supports some elements of the Affordable Care Act, but considers it a "federal takeover of health care" -- and would repeal it if elected.

False advertising in the presidential race 01:35

President Obama says some of his campaign ads might "go overboard" or contain mistakes, but most of them simply highlight the differences between him and Gov. Romney.

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney says the debates could decide the election, or have no impact at all.

Another war in the Middle East? 01:09

President Obama tells Steve Kroft that he sees Iran's nuclear ambitions as a security risk, but he's also determined not to "jump the gun" on another war.